We provide the following services:

Health data acquisition & analytics

Real-time uploading of data measured with hardware devices to our cloud database; focused on vital signs such as blood pressure, pulse, temperature, blood sugar, BMI etc.
Intelligent and automatic health data analysis, alerting healthcare providers if anomalies are detected
Allows healthcare provider to remotely access data and trends through user-friendly interface through smartphone and web browser

Medicine adherence & protocol

Dramatically improves reliability of medicine administration by sending reminders through messages to patients on which drugs to take, when to take them and how much of each
The message content is programmed by healthcare providers through our platform
Message delivery via SMS, on-screen (via TV interface or smartphone) and via wrist watch that vibrates. On-screen interface solicits confirmation from patient that meds have been taken and sends reminders if confirmation isn’t given within a certain time period
Information messages around healthcare including Chinese traditional medicine and culture

Interactive appointment calendar

Remote scheduling of health check and hospital appointments
Allows healthcare providers, patients and relatives selective access to medical data and records online
Additional functions (scheduling of food delivery, home cleaning, outdoor activities etc.) will be made available in the future